Landscape Lighting Replacement

Landscape Lighting Replacement

Who says the desert can’t be bright at night…well, at least maybe your property!

Keeping a lastingly beautiful yard at night in the desert is not easy.  What’s required is a well designed and properly planned landscape lighting system that is maintained and kept in good working condition.

The lights and smart systems we use are of a higher quality, prolonging the life of your system while saving you money (ie: it is much more energy efficient).

Our landscape lighting contractors are experienced and will provide you with a cost effective system that lasts for years.

Our Services include:
  • Landscape Lighting Replacements
  • Lighting System Wiring Replacement
  • Lighting System Wire Tracing
  • Lighting Transformer Replacement and Setup/Programming
  • Lighting Controller Replacement and Setup/Programming

In addition to our landscape lighting replacement services, we offer a full range of landscape lighting installation services as well.













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Having a well lit property is a great thing… unless it needs to be replaced! Whenever you will need us to do either of those, along with any related fix – we’ll be at your service!

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